NERF Dart Tag Day 1

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I  know that there is some NERF Competition today and I have marked it days ago. Also, I have booked an appointment to have Vee-Chai service too. I mean, he has to be serviced since he is more than 3,000 KM over. But the irony is, I nearly forgot about all this and wondered why these two events clashed this morning.

Slowly, it came back to me. For you see, the service appointment was in the afternoon, at least half an hour before the NERF Dart Tag. In other words, instead of waiting at the service center, I can walk across to see the NERF Competition. smart, eh?

I thought so too until the Guard at the Service Centre told me that the actual place has been relocated to about 500metres away. Darn it. So, after putting Vee-chai in safe hands, I walked. I must be losing my touch because it took me about 20 minutes for which I think I could have done it in 15 or less. Maybe it because of my Gout or I was still wearing slippers.

The NERF Dart Tag is held at the All Rounder Indoor Soccer at Jalan 19/1. And today's event was for kids under 14. And for tomorrow, its for 'kids' older than 14...

Before I start, I really need my lunch and so, I walloped two packets of Nasi Lemak which has a very very hot sambal. If I had know they include a full egg, I might have just one instead. Yes, the hunger made me greedy.

This is the booth set up by Hasbro and I spend quite a few good minutes there, drooling at the new Elite series. The were a lot of pretty young girls and sitting around and playing futsal but today is not the time for that. Because, "It's NERF or Nothing'. Oh, maybe I have completely lost my mind but the prices seems to be very very wallet friendly.

This is the Official NERF product sold only in Japan.

Twist the cap off and you have container for a NERF fun and also a NERF target.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the one who made it all work.
He was so busy that his lunch was on the floor and he could only speak in single word sentences to me.

A lot of happy little kids there. One Mom even carried two bags full of NERFs and I spotted two Pyragons in there.

When it comes to competition, even kids know how to strategise. Its amusing to hear them talk about their tactics and mind you, their English was way much more advanced for kids his age.

Even girls want to win too.

The most exciting part?
The NERF testing range. All you have to do is go to the counter, ask for the NERF of your choice. Johan will then put the NERF gun on the counter and some ammo. All you have to is load the ammo and fire. And wipe that gleeful  grin off your face.

Meet the NERF HailFire. Its using flywheel technology to fire all those darts. But who cares. Its the amount of darts you can shoot in one shooting (144 darts, OK?)

On the outside, you can test the Super Soaker series but I was a bit concerned because that road is also being used for cars passing through to the carpark behind. And you know what happens when kids get too excited.

The streams of customers looking at the Hasbro booth. Before I took this picture, a few parents bought some NERFs.

Panoramic Shot

Souvenir for the day.

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