2012 NERF Dart Tag Day 2

Just right after lunch, I rushed down to the PJ AllRounder Indoor Stadium for another round of NERF Dart Tag. Well, that is, after I have some rest, surf the Internet, make sure the kids did not break anything else, wash the dishes, etc.

Today's Tournament is pretty much more 'civilised' since its for participant over the age of 14. So, no small kids running about with parents chasing after them or parents running about with their kids chasing them. Today, its for grown ups.

Yes, today is the day where grown ups chase each other around and shoot foam darts at anything.

OK, so I was an hour late and this is one scene I do not like. Not that I do no mind them playing with Super Soakers but when they got excited, the girls chased each other, right onto the path where cars come in and go. Unlike the day before, no one watched out for them.

Part of the B.R.A.T..S. team testing out the new NERF Elites. Unfortunately, the Rampage was jammed.

Which is not a problem as NERF Damansara expert, Don Harris was there and all he needed was a screwdriver.

OK, and some help since fro past experience, springs tend to jump out for this model.

The culprit was a jammed dart. So its useless but not before we got the chance to check out the weighted head

Oh, and one more thing, this are the rifled grooves which was designed into the barrel of the Rampage. In real guns, it would improve the bullet's accuracy and range by making it spin. Here, I am not so sure.

I still suck at Photography  and the dim lighitng did not help since I forgot all about using flash.

So, after panning here and there, it kinda adds mood to the event...

And at one stage, which I think is some kind of Deathmatch, players were very very careful with their aiming and also, tactics.

Finally, the two teams had a draw and each member took a shot at the VIP


The 2012 Winners of today's NERF Dart Tag

2012 NERF Dart Tag Champions: Roughneck Zero

Second Runner up: Team Droid

Consolation Prize:

And the Team who made it all happen

The most 'hensem' face of all. Unfortunately, he is also the most 'shot' Referee/Marshal

Group Android dividing their prizes

And also being interviewed by the B.R.A.T.S team

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