And it ended with the USB...

Finally, I bought the USB replacement part today and it was so expensive. For that price, I can buy a lot of resistors for that same amount. Yes it was RM1.00 and if it went any higher than RM100.00, I would have bought a new printer instead.

But it didn't.

And so, here I am.

In my room.

Taking the stupid PCB out yesterday was really frustrating. Its like trying to fish out a loose screw in the hot engine bay of your car..

Just to replace this snapped off USB port

Guess where all you extra ink went?

Yep. Its black, rubberish, soggy and when you step on it, you need to clean the floor on the whole house.

Before putting it back, some cleaning first. This is one of those alingment strip which tells the printer its current position. Since its the family printer, it is not funny to draw extra lines on it.

There. All done and off it goes to Papa Room for testing!

@#$&*! Its not working! And after an hour of doing this, one of the frail ribbon cable snaps and that's it. No matter how I tried to repair it, it won't connect. And this is not the main problem where the printer head just goes to one side and the rollers made stupid sounds.
And so, because someone snapped the USB connected, the printer literally died a gruesome death in the hands of a clumsy fat gorilla. Although it lasted us about nearly seven years, I don't think we're going back to HP so soon. It does its job well but there were no heavy jobs to make it stand out from the rest of the competition.

But then again, this is generally for home use and for the printer to last that long, it is actually very, very good.

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