Three motors

While we were discussing about stuff today, Kenny mentioned that he wanted some of the small motors I bought for Bruce for his SFTPMS Battle of Britain Group Build. I bought a lot because Bruce said he wanted about 20 but in the end, I was left with about 16 motors...

Soldered and tested the motor for Kenny for pick up.
I told Kenny he could have some because there are still a lot left. Not only that, I am worried that he might find the motors spinning a little bit too fast since these are designed to be vibrator motors for early mobile phones and pagers.

[Update: End August]
I really hope he finds the motor's speed just right because the last of the PCB boards which I used to control the motor's speed has been sold to another friend... as a welding flicker. Ha!

 [Update: Early Sept]
Whoa... just found that the last PCB I sold to my friend has been sold to another guy because he wanted it more than him. One thing that he told me that its sometimes very hard to describe things to people unless they see it and sometimes, when they do see it, they still don't understand... I offered to make another one for him but he said, no hurry. OK, so this PCB design might be a hit.

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