Trip to HHQ 27082012

I decided to spend the remaining hours of the day here after my Wife said she will pick up the kids. It was a long day, something which I would not want to mention for the time being.

These were on sale and they're very very old. I mean, look at the box. Its Matchbox/AMT, back during the days when they were very strong on the hobby scene. I like the Road Boss.

Although the parts looks the age, I would not want to build it but to frame it if possible.

I have not seen this before and again, this is nice but I would have problems fitting it into a diorama since most of the model kits nowadays are of modern types. Yes, do it as an antique show on a revolving stage, I suppose.

Quality-wise, the parts are very good but since I am spoilt by crisp details nowadays, its very hard to convince myself to get these anymore.

Aha... what a nice little place. This C-160. I was not sure why I am attracted to it but well, its better than a Hercules. Oh, hey, it has those landing ramps!

And so do these! The Spartan looks promising since the undercarriage looks 'fierce' and also, it looks massive from the box.

OK, a flying wing. If I did not check on the box, I would assume the size is the same as the box. But its when fully built. Which is 71.8cm, a little bit too big for me. But to be honest, I don't even know where to display it and because its silver, airbrushing it is also another problem since I do not have one.

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