My Friend's Wedding Dinner

Last weekend, we were invited to one of my ex-colleague's Wedding Dinner held in Section 14's Jaya Supermarket. We met a lot of ex-colleagues and my friend had the foresight to seat us away from my ex-Boss. It was a long awaited dinner which I was looking forward to, despite the problems they encountered which nearly caused things to hit the fan.

Anyway, although this restaurant was famous for its dished, but on that night, it was so-so. I guess they're not that good when I comes to serving large crowds. Also, looking at the menu, they had dish #4 mixed up with dish #5. Not forgetting, the pause between each dish was not consistent because by the time everyone got fed up of waiting, when the dish came, we all felt quite full, which lead to a lot of wastage. Such delay accumulated way past 10PM too.

But because its my friend's Wedding, we have to give face to her la.

It was also a good chance for me to try out Wifey's new Panasonic VS2's 2MP camera.

Some old ladies were singing 60's English songs on the Karaoke machine
Yep, once the fat one came up.......

Lots of people walking to and fro because of the foods inconsistency

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