Final Fantary Advent Children

This is the latest movie to come out from Squaresoft right after their First Movie; The Spirits Within. Unfortunately, it was not well received because of too much "critics". Then again, everyone had high expectations. For Advent Children, the movie start right off two years after the game has ended. And like most people said, if you have not played the game, you would not understand most of the story and references. in the end, you'd ended up watching the fights and special effects like a blur sotong (Like me). But then, again, I was more a fan of Final Fantasy VIII, which is more realistic and nice storyline. Oh, how I wished they make this movie too.

Here is Will's explanation on the Movie.

Still, there are some things that comes with each movie you cannot ignore. The Merchandise

I have seen Cloud's Motorbike (with the name of Fenrir, but I don't think it was mentioned int he movie) and the action figures. although its priced quiet high, I have no intention of buying them.

Oh yeah, after watching Final Fantasy:Advent Children, I edited the ringtone (Loz's mobile's ringtone after his fight with Tifa in the Church) from my MP3 archive. Maybe its an in-joke but in the game, once you win a fight, that music will come on. So, whenever I call Wifey, that's the ringtone (my number only) she will hear.

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