Sarah Brightman's Captain Nemo

I'm not sure about you but occasionally, I like a bit of Sarah Brightman now and then. She has a wonderful voice. The songs are easily forgotten but once you listen to her voice, it would all come back to you in a flood of memories. However, there is a particular song which makes me want to repeat again and again. The song is, "Captain Nemo" which has a very haunting and sad melody. Later on, I found out that it came form the Original group called Dive and their version, although it nice, di dnot really capture the atmosphere of the Capt. Then again, I did not remember much about 20,000 Leagues under the sea story.

Unfortunately, the CD was intfested with termites,
which I did not notice. It could have
been years ago, or from
the recent attack in the
KK house. Still, they stayed clear of her. I know
termites are hardworking and likes fibre and all
but is i possible they hate Sarah Brightman too?
One day, when I have the chance, I'll play her
CDs on a termite nest and see what happens....

Well, the cover leaves something to be desired.
Then again, if you were in a submarine and see
this floating about outside, wouldn't you be
scared too?

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