If you had seven ringgit...

It been such a long time since I ate lunch with my friends. And so, today was a good day to do just that. There was a meaning to why I am having lunch today but this is more for a personal reason so, I hope you will understand if I wont tell you the reason.

So, I just sit back, relax and enjoy the company of my friends because I know, a thousand years from now, all of us will not be here and no one would serve us either...

Nice lunch. 'nuff said

After coming back, I rad from a forum that Mahathir's new book had some 'mistakes'. I had a deep thought: How many of you are actually reading my blog? And how many of you, actually believe in what I post? So, here is an experiment. The above story is one version. What if, ok? What if I twisted the story and if you had not read the one above, would you believe this one? Here goes...

Man, oh man. 7 ringgit left! I only have 7 ringgit left in my wallet. What a joke! And I wont have more cash until two more days.So, what can I do with 7 ringgit? I could go and visit a certain customer but if I am not careful, the meeting could drag on longer than it should and I could be stuck in the carpark, knowing how expensive it is to park in KL. And I don't feel like eating lunch with the others because that would be a waste of money since I stuffed myself this morning with oats for breakfast. OK, its lunch hour now, I better 'hide' myself in the toilet so they won't come looking for me. I got too popular in the company ever since I punched a Manager in the face for abusing one of the staff. Man oh man. 7 Ringgit and I feel so trapped and miserable.

Or, how about this?

Well, well, well! You know what! I finally won the 7 ringgit from the clerk. We've been betting on how fast the opposite Department locks their doors and punch out when it came to quitting time. And so, I won by a fraction of a second. Little did she know that I fooled that Department saying that today they need to clear out fast since the termite guys would be coming over on the dot. And best of all, the bet also includes a free Mcdonalds breakfast for a week. I don't care if she's already four months pregnant but a bet is a bet. And I deserve this. What I have been before, worked for, and did, was all for nothing. An Engineer won't bring food to the table. Being in Sales is better. I just fool them and let the others pick up the mess.

Man, after throwing all my Engineer discipline away, the
World is such a wonderful place. Yeah, cheating is good!

So, which of the three versions are true? I'm running contest now, answers on a RM100 bill, please.

OK, here's a bit of truth, there are some once of truth in each of the three stories but they have been manipulated as I see fit as the author. Yes, you read my mind: What if someone, of a high position and well respected, decided to write their own version of the truth? Or, what if he/she is your best friend? You won't suspect anything because of your great respect for him/her. You won't even believe the 'lies' that are against him. That is, until someone pulled the blindfold off you during one unexpected moment of misery...

Makes you think, doesn't it?

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