Chinese Big Pau

After all the hoo-haa about the biodegradable Paus in China, would anyone ever dared to eat them again? Heck, yeah. I would. (But I have to check the contents first.) Still, after reading that story, it seemed so plausible. In Malaysia, there are two types of Paus on sale here.

The first one is where actual chicken meat and an egg stuffed are inside. And the second one is where everything is minced and then stuffed inside sans egg. The latter has been cropping up almost everywhere I bought them from.

Speaking about Paus, in the old times, my Dad related to me how customers tried to cheat the restaurant owners. When they order a big pau, the customer would then make a hole at the bottom and then eat the whole contents in the pau. Then, they would call the waiter over and say, that they do not want the pau anymore and the waiter would then take it back. Once they discover the ruse, the customer would have gone. Believable? Unless the dumb waiter does not know the difference (in weight) between a full pau and an empty one.

Nope, no paper mulch in this one

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