Trip to Kota Bahru III

[Belated post]
By the time we arrived in Kota Bahru, it was about 9 in the evening. So, we had to look for a decent Hotel. We boy, the deals we got was really an eye opener. You either have cheap rates or really expensive ones. Then you can have toilet in the room or a common toilet. You can even have one without a hot water (faulty). In the end, we went to Dynasty Inn (with TM Hot-spot) but it was full, so we settled for Crystal Lodge (with Wi-Fi limited to Hotel lobby).

By the time we finished with our customer, we decided to have a looksee before making our trip back to KL. So, we stopped by one of the Auto Accessory shop we saw on the way.

This is really an automatic gate. First the sensor at the bottom detects your car and alerts
the hotel staff who then views the image from the CCTV at the top. The same goes for
when you want to come out. I did not notice this last night until in the morning

This is the gate opener at the Hotel Counter

I am not sure what traspired between the car owner and the renovation staff

This is one of the Auto Accessory shops we went to and is now hiring
Ha ha ha ha ha

It has a lof of good front lip fibres

And a lot more at the back

And even more further back

And some choice selections of rear wings

And even more choice selections

In the end, we knew I cannot carry those fibreglass, I end up buying
this plastic meter holder for RM39.00. An "original" fibreglass one
would have cost me well about RM1,000. Yeah stupid.

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