Gamecon-1 Mid-Valley

The Gamecon-1 is held at Mid-Valley's MVEC (Mid-Valley Exhibition Centre) for the 3-4th December weekend 2005. It is a convention where games, comics and every naughty little things I was interested in, was being held there.

And also, they had a space reserved for Malaysia's Star Trek fans too. Some even came all the way from Sabah and I was hoping to meet up with all of them too.

Unfortunately, my plan to get there at two in the afternoon ended in tatters and I only arrived at nine-ish at night, an hour before the convention closes. This was due to the fact that Kristine was taking her afternoon nap, I had to mop the floors and then we had to wait for her to finish her dinner when she woke up

I know, I could have a lot of fun there but sometimes, its not that easy when you have committments. Rats

The entrance looked a bit empty

I was just in time to miss something

Some had already left and the booth on the left had a RM150 Star Trek Enterprise NX-01
which I wanted to get. But if I went to the ATM four floors down and came back up, they would have closed shop already

This guy makes sure you pay RM5.00 (last evening reduced price already) before he lets you in

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