The Butter Chicken Clalypot Rice

After my disppointment for not being able to attend the Gamecon-1, we settled down for dinner at the Oasis Food Court. Maybe its because I have been to the upper Food Court with the roof ceiling, the Oasis seemed too claustrophobic sometimes. And the lighting somehow looks quite dim too. Anyway, because of the long queue at the "Ikan Bakar" stall, I opted for the claypot rice again, which, as usual, did not have much customers.

I always have problems with Food Courts. This is because there are so much stalls, I cannot decide on what to eat and I usually ended up making a round or two before settling on something boring.

After taking my orders, he plonked my rice on the fire and continued his task...

Which is to remove the soot stuck in the rings of the gas burners.

Voila! A "delicious" Butter Chicken Claypot Rice

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