Judge Dredd: Book of Law

The forum did discuss about the making of the 'Book of Law' prop replica from the movie Judge Dredd. And so, with only two screen shot pictures to look at, I can only surmise the book format is as follows:
1. It has 192 pages, with no gilt edges, 80gsm white paper & square corners
2. It has about 2cm printed ribbon, head and tail too.
3. Cover is mostly bonded leather, unpadded, with gold corners on front and back
4. It measures about 89mm x 165mm and comes with and gold foil stamping.

This was the shot that was taken

And this was the second shot

Anyway, this was the closest I could find from the

Bear in mind, this book is not easy to make

And no, I am not going to do a run mainly because:

1) The covers are different. Here, the machine would nick the edges and I am not sure if they can make one without the nicking. Chances are, it is possible.

2) The gold corners have additional nicks and again, I am not sure if the machine has the actual crimps for that pattern. Chances are, they do not.

3) SOMEONE has to come up with all the contents. Yep. To make it more accurate, someone would have to scour all the comics from Prog 001 to current Prog 16xx, the movies and so on. This would be time consuming and not only that, it could be one day, 'canon' material for every writer or artists or script bots to follow and would have to be approved/endorsed by 2000Ad's creators (and Tharg?) and copyright ppl, etc. Yeap, imagine the pressure.

4) Production is not going to believe me about making a Law Book for less than 100 units. And not only that, the cost alone if going to kill this project before it even began. So, someone else have to do this.....

No, not me.

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