Blueyebabe's Housewarming

Yeah, its a busy Saturday for us. Right after their School's Carnival, there was only time to rest before going to their swimming classes. And try as I might, I could not get the chance to go to Pasar Road since I calculated that by the time I go through the lunchtime jam and the one oclock crowd, I would only have less than an hour to do my stuff.

Anyway, today is also a special day for Blueyebabe as she is having her housewarming this evening. Its a nice place in -------- and quite a good location too. My friend who stayed nearby, got his for about RM------- about 10 years ago. And at that time, it was considered cheap even though there were only two exits. Anyway, there were a lot of people there, and I mean a lot of INTERESTING people, which I get to meet and also discuss but unfortunately, we did not have time to mingle since we need to go home so that the girls can sleep early from all the day's activities.

Oh, sorry. The Kenny Rogers were so delicious, I
forgot to take the pictures. No, not the chickens
but the Coleslaw. And oh, this is blueyebabe's
muffin which she handpicked and gave to me.

We ate first, then it was her friend's turn and
so on since the area was quite small. Sadly, no
one opened the already opened 5 year old
Amarula I gave to her. Its fruity and creamy
but since no one else in the house can drink
alcohol, well, I had to give it so someone else...
Oh, did you see Erika there? No?

But what I was happy as that Brandon, the girls's
cousin, opened up after I showed him my Nokia
5800. Minutes later, he wanted to see more of the
videos and so, he poked me in the leg and shyly
looked at me. So, after much questioning, he said
yes, he wanted to play with the Nokia 5800 and
so, I let him. Half an hour later, he was with the
girls who showed him how to play the games and
he actually starts to talk, not only to them but to
me as well. Wow. This was because all the time,
he was quiet and shy. Thanks, Nokia. (Ha. Ha.)

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