The Three Time Wrong Furikake

After dinner, since I had some time left, I decided to cook more of those Furikake for my oats. But this time, I decided to take some short cuts to save time. And boy, none of my theories worked.

Fast, fast chop

This time round, I decided to add more onions and
garlic since my theory would be to get them chopped
by an automatic chopper. Not sure where my Mom
got the garlic (on the left) but they are actually one
single bulb compared to a normal clove of garlic.

And so, here we go.

OK, found some walnuts and I
decided to add them in too.

Failed. The chopper actually made it more like
they were minced. And most of the onions did
not get chopped.

So I had to cut them and some of the garlic by
hand again. But at least, now I know how to
make some kind of paste. Maybe I will do
some reading on how to make a dip.

Thought I could save some cooking oil so I used
the soyabean oil from the tuna. Failed. The can
gave me oil and water which almost started a
fire on the stove. Why? I have no idea.

I added an egg, some usual flavouring that was
within arm's reach and voila! A slightly burnt
furikake. (The was because the minced garlic
and onions cooked faster than the hand chopped
ones). Failed. Because I had to separate the burnt
bits from the cooked bits.

Added some more sesame seeds and mixed in
the sushi leaves. But I am not adding the chili
powder this time.

Testing with the rice. Hmm... tasted good.
More or less...

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