Revell's 1/144 Sea Shadow

The Sea Shadow was the US Navy's foray into stealth technology and was not announced until the early 90's. The Navy wanted to test low radar profile and the use of automation on this ship. There is a lot more information in this at the Wikipedia but otherwise, its also known as the ship in James Bond's Tomorrow Never Dies.

I got this from an SFTPMS member but his name escapes me. Its a very old kit too. I remember seeing this when I was younger but I did not buy it as at that time, I was more into Star Trek and stuff like that.

This kit has never been opened as you can see from the dead insect in the wrappings.

For 1/144 scale, I would not expect much from this kit. If there were some figures or interior, it would be a bonus

And for a kit that scale, the boat must be huge. So, the question comes, how the heck can a ship that big be able to avoid radar detection? The technology must be great.
Alas, this is going to the 'to-do' bin. Work, work, work...

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