Kaelynn's Sports Day Part 2

You know what happened next after coming away from the Shah Alam Panasonic stadium? That's right. We did not go home. Instead, we went for lunch at the Empire. Initially, the plan was to go home and snore until midnight but because everyone was hungry, I 'accidentally' took a detour and ended up at The Empire (that did not strike back *ahem*)

[I don't even understand that joke either]

So, guess where we ate?


We chose Chilis for three reasons:
1) Free kids meal for every full meal ordered
2) Bottomless drinks
3) Bottomless nachos
4) There were only three reasons

Surprisingly, unlike Bangsar's, the food arrived
faster than we expected. It was ready in just
mere minutes! Its as if they had a Star Trek
food replicator hiding in the kitchen.

As usual, I order the crispy
chicken salad minus the 'hot'
since the hot
n' spicy version
could not be
done due to
Copyright by KFC

In the end, as usual, I could only finish half compared
when I was a teenager. The difference is that now,
it is
now considered very rude to help finish off your
unfinished food.

And yes, we're going crazy with the
bottomless nachos and its salsa. I
have yet to fulfill my wish of just
coming in, ordering the bottomless
ice lemon tea and the bottomless
salsa and stay there for hours.....

As for the girls, Kristine got her macaroni...

While Kaelynn got her chicken crispers...thingy
Yeah, she's very excited.

This is one of the few occasions where
the girls actually finish their food.

OK, make that one girl

Despite everything, I still cannot
finish my salad, even after I put
some of the bottomless Nachos to
make it better.

Wife was still 'ordering' here.

After our dinner, it was time to
explore The Empire. OK, maybe
its new but there is not much to

So we took pictures instead.

And more pictures...

By now, you would have noticed that
these girls are natural when it comes
to posing. After a nice dinner, that is

Whoa! Who put XL-Shop there with Toys r Us?
OK, since I have about 10 minutes left, guess
which shop I went into?

This is a very nice 1/35 scale model kit.
And apart from the feet, it looks almost
believable. These robots are taken from
Sega's Arcade game called Border Break

Unfortunately, not all designs are nice
for my taste. Eventually, guess which
one I liked? If this goes on, Kotobukiya
can give Bandai's Gundams a run for
their money.

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