Kaelynn's Sports Day Part 1

Today is Kaelynn's Sports Day and we're quite excited to get there. However, our enthusiasm sort of faded when it was revealed that its going to be the same Panasonic Stadium in Shah Alam. The first time we were there, it was very hot. And not only that, it was hot. Plus, did I mention that it was hot? Because of that, the girl's grandparents decided not to go.

Alas, as a Daddy, I cannot easily escape this one. Anyway, today's task is simple"

A. Drop of Wife to school
B. Surf por...er, do some research
C. Get the girls ready
D. Meet up with Wife in Shah Alam
E. Go to the Stadium.

Unfortunately, the plan hit its first snag. They
are still having their breakfast. And so, I had
to make sure everything is ready in time.

Then we discovered Grandma washed Kaelynn's
sports shoes and her socks got wet trying to put
the shoes on. So, I had to use this method to get
them dry since I have less than an hour to solve
this problem. Yeah, its illegal too.

And I can tell you that Vee chai's engine smell
very nice for the rest of the day. I stuffed her
wet shoes into the engine bay so that the heat
would dry them. By the time we arrived to
meet up with Mommy, her shoes was dry.

Slowly, the crowds are trickling in to register and
also to get their kids into the Stadium. Also, see
the booth on the right? It was the only one selling
butter corn and ice-creams.

Also, it was the only staff there. He was working like
crazy to make the corn and also trying to serve very
impatient parents at the same time. Man, looking at
him, he could go wacko any minute. Me? I had to keep
my tempers in check as some parents are really asking
for it, cutting queues. If Kristine was not there...

The event starts at about 3PM (or was it 2?). But by
it was already full of anxious parents. Sweating
parents. And its really hot in there.

Even though the ceiling is high but it still very hot.
(Only 10 lights were working if you're curious)

Datuk Lee Chong Wei was there. And if he was not
bored, he was talking on his mobile.

Why oh why would they
want to do maintenance
work now? What if some kid
got hurt? They are pulling
cables from the ceiling to
the floor above for reasons
unknown. Sheesh.

This time, Kaelynn got a Medal. Never mind if its
Third but she got a medal. Kristine was
happy for
her too. She won last year but they
ran out of medals.
This was because it is for show, once she goes back to
her line, the teachers would take it off from her and pass
it on to the next winning team. This time, as soon as she
got the medal, we both exit immediately. Heh heh.

End of Part One.

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