Model kits for the sane

Hokay, by now, most of you would be asking whether I am right in the head or not. Don't worry. I am slowly being organically lobotomised. And so, to fill that void of not watching TV, listening to the radio, surfing too much Internet, etc. I decided to go back to my old hobby, which is scale modeling.

And if you're asking, getting midgets to pose is still not scale modeling.

To start off, I have gotten this box of kits from Hobby HQ. Some of you would now be asking, why did I not get it from somewhere else? Well, my answers can be summed up in the following reasons:

1) Miniature Hobby closed down after Chinese New Year and sent all it's stocks to Hobby HQ to be sold.

2) Buying from the Internet means I might or might not receive the item after waiting for 4 weeks.

3) There are NO more Hobby Shops that cater to non-Gundam models except Hobby HQ in Kuala Lumpur.

4) I just happened to be at Hobby HQ...

There is a reason why I got these two models but
now, I just wan to higlight the 1/35 figures. If
you were to compare this Dragon kit with the ones
that came out decades ago, think of this one as
being Tron 2.0 and the earlier one as Tron.

This is the latest from Dragon and as you can
see, there are a lot of parts just for the four
figures alone, plus the chair. They even have
some photo-etch parts too. This pushes the
1/35 scene up by a few notches.

Here, apart from the positionable hands and feet,
even the faces are in two halves. You can say, this
is like the evolved version of the classic 1/32 Airfix
Poseable figures which is very rare and is a boon
for a lot of modelers who like to custom their own
figures. But Dragon now offers this opportunity
and at 1/35th scale too.

Now, why did I buy the eggplane too? I
hate eggplanes. Oh yeah, and the cute
little girl on the box cover is not inside
either. Sales would have shot through
the roof if they did.

And so, the little 1/35 guy will be sitting inside the
little eggplane. The question is, is it still an eggplane
when I am done with it?

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