Bak Kut teh

When it comes to eating Bak Kut Teh at home, there is a very simple process which we must follow. That is, to randomly choose a ingredient pack. A lot of BKT fans would religiously go to a particular stall or place to have them because, they know, its the best. But for us, we would just go to any place that happens to be nearby. And just like the BKT packet, the answer was simple;

We usually forget which place/packet was the best from the last meal.

Anyway, tonight's BKT was absolutely excellent
because the cut of the meat had the right amount
of fat and the soup was not too thin either.

Nowadays, I am trying to stay off meat if possible. Not because of Health issues or anything but sometimes, it just feels so wrong and revolting to be eating flesh. And sometimes, stir-fried vege tastes so much better.

No, I am not going full vege but my appetite comes in cycles nowadays and it just so happens that I find that my vege phase is ever growing.

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