Piracy at Mid Valley

In most shopping malls, pirated goods are never welcome. Buying such items not only affirms the supports of theft of intelectual property but also, affects the livelihood of those who are working directly or indirectly to the items concerned. However, this week, is a special week and so, where Pirates are concerned, they are very welcome. And these are the ones who knows their, "Aaarrrs" and the art of shivering their timbers.

In anticipation of a sudden flood of fans, the
organisers have thought of an escape

Unfortunately, the Captain seemed
to be at a loss with a Man in Black.

OK, I am having a writer's block so, no words for the next few posts. Man, its so difficult to be coherent nowadays....

Some Pirates from The Outpost was seen trying
to pirate some jewels while the Organisers have
decided to furl up.

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