The Green Lantern Toys

OK, so Green Lantern is coming. For a person who never read the papers or watch TV much, how I got this information is nothing short of a miracle. It was not even advertised on the Internet, you see. Here, you can see how popular the movie is going to be (the word, 'is' was used because no one knows if its good or sucked yet) from the ways it was advertised:

1) Through the media
OK, if they blast this ad on the TV on every commercial break, it might be a bad movie. And if they have DJ's or local celebrities talking about it, it could be worse than everyone thought. But if you saw them on roadside banners or on bus-stop shelters and the like, chances are, someone is desperate to get your attention to go watch the movie, which in my opinion, the movie could really sucked.

2) Through bloggers
OK, this is a different kettle of fish. If a famous and independent blogger mentions it, chances are, their opinions are true. But if a stupid fat blogger (I wonder who) mentions it, the verdict could be from, "Who the Hell cares" to "This fat blogger is a real POS for dissing my favourite movie which I have yet to see". Or, if you really believe in the blogs set up by those related to the movie, it does not matter if its good or bad.

3) Through word of mouth
If your trusted bestest and best of friends said it was good, chances are, it will be brilliant unless you consulted an Astrologer who would say the passing of the Planet Neptune in conjunction with his bad bio-rythmn reavealed he fell asleep in the cinema. And if you heard it from someone whom you do not like because his sister's/friend's mother's dog said it was good, don't bother. But if you hear this from someone who hated the movie and the verdict is good, then it will be fantastic.

4) Through Uncle Ho's Angents
If they say its good, buy first then ask later.

OK, so, I cheated and went to Toys 'r Us instead. And from the decorations, I think the movie is going to suck. I mean, the toys were placed in a small shelf, away from the front entrance which is bloated with the new Transformer toys which the movie has yet to arrive.

OK, for RM129.90, you have a nice little
figure but after a while, it reminds you of
those simple 90's Star Wars figures which
has square crotches. However, the only
saving grace was the extremely bright
green LED on the arm. I am not sure why
they even pack a green phalic massager
in there.

The next toy shows you how the movie is going to suck.
This yellow glob of phlegm is Parallax. I have not followed
the comics after the original Green Lantern, which is Hal
Jordan, became the Parallax. In this movie, this is Parallax.

Does this look familiar to you? A disk shooter?
Although its not, but I keep thinking that this
was a Transformers toy reject. Still, it does
look nice, as some Sci-Fi grenade launcher.

OK, Hal Jordan and his transforming battle suit.
I just hate it when they do this. Include
those toys with accessories and some
battlesuit/gun/harpoon/water suit, etc. This
idea was
Made famous since those Batman
Let's paint a toy car green and call it
the Green Lantern Mobile!

And in there, was the Green Lantern Ring but no, it
does not light up. On the middle is a subtle screw to
tell you boys and girls that you have been screwed.
Actually, you need to wear this ring on your fourth
finger and stick it in there to power up the toy.

OK, finally. A decent figure for RM99.90.
And no ring. Just parts you 'collect' to
a yellow phlegm... thingy.

Maybe its a rare one since it was the
only one left. But to me, RM49.90 is
a lot of money. The last time, a Star
Wars 3.75 inch figure costs Rm39.90
and it was already expensive. But this
is plain daylight robbery. And yes, the
right does not light up at all.

The real reason I was there was because I have read from a Forum that Toys 'r Us are selling individual Power rings for USD9.99. But somehow, even before I stepped into the shop, I know things are too good to be true. Guess I was right because it was not being sold here and Toys 'r Us Malaysia is not the same as Toys 'r Us in the US.

Oh well. Oh, and don't let me get started on the Power ring's recharging Lantern as I already hated the suit... Somehow, I think the movie is going to suck but secretly, I just hope I am wrong, being an on/off Green Lantern fan and all.

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