Stupid accident at SS2

Just half an hour ago, I was involved in one. I was in SS2 with my Wife and Aunt.

By the time it was ready to go home, we took the exit (SS2/75) towards the LDP. There was this Wira which my wife said, turned out into the corner quite fast and nearly hit a motocyclist. So, the motorcyclist got pissed off and rode in front of them to demonstrate his appreciation. However, the car swerved a bit and the motorcyclist tried to avoid them by going into the middle lane. Which is quite close to us, so I brake but quickly saw that the car behind me could not brake in tome so I speeded up and overtook the car/motorcyclist.

Next thing we know, their car hit our bumper (they suffered a left broken indicator light, some panel damage and perhaps a dented bumper). Ours escaped with a scratch. So, by the time we got off, as usual with males, we argued to the point where we were about to show our fists. Only the girls (my Wife and Aunt and two girls on the other car) cooled the situation. I was quite pissed because that guy claimed I did not signal when cutting into his lane during that emergency. While I was pissed off because if I had time to do all that, I would have gotten a real fender bender and a possible murder (motorcyclist under the car) rap.

During the whole argument, the motorcyclist was there, telling me to report to the Police and he can be the witness (But we forgot about him, so he left, unfortunately). Now, that bastard says I am in the wrong and I should pay for the damage to his brother's car. (At this time, I was about to kill him with my bare hands).

I was about to saccept their challenge to Anyway, the girls interfered (my Wife was already quite angry with me) and we decided to trust each other. But she believes that other guy did not stop in time, which in terms of Malaysian Traffic Rules, the car behind hitting the car in the front is always in the wrong regardless. And she is willing to lose her NCB for that. Wow.

Damn! Now, I will be broke next month.

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