Chope! Thats my table!

So, I was in Mont Kiara today, after visiting a customer and I decided to celebrate the New Year with a visit to MacDonalds. (OK, I wanted to go to Burger King but it was too much of a hassle)

So, I put my stuff on a table, the Malaysian way of "booking" a space, i.e. I "chope-ed" first. Either that, or I have to bring all my tools to the counter and those nice weird people there would assume I was there to fix something. Anyway, I decided to try the Prosperity Burger which costs me RM8.88 and RM3.99 for a Prosperity Pal (OK, it looked cute at that time). By the time I turned around, some nut has moved all my stuff to another table.

Someone else has taken my table!!

Sitting there was a sweet young little European girl from the nearby International School, with those quaint innocent looks and sweet smile (with braces that looked more like it was designed to keep something horrible in) that only a mother from a lunatic asylum would love.

So, I had two choices. Either I poke her eyes out with my curly fries or I smiled back and move all my stuff to another table. Being a little but hungry, I chose the latter.

The Prosperity Pal, the Ox (I wanted the Monkey, for obvious reasons)

Oh, oh, the termite's nest have expanded

This is a different sort of bun, for only RM2.00

Hey, look! They also so natural orange flavoured air filters too

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