Rainy Days are here again.

I was at my customer's place in Phileo Damansara 1 this afternoon and thank goodness I did not stop by the Uncle Ho's DVD shop (Ok, the one hour is nearly up and I do not want to pay extra) because I felt a few drops of rain. By the time I got my car out from the Parking Basement (about 4 minutes) it was raining quite heavily.The rain was so bad that every road I used were literally flooded with water reaching as high was 4 inches and I was splashing everywhere unintentionally. (There goes my nicely cleaned engine bay).

And I wonder how the poor folks would face the evening if the rain persisted. I mean, those who depended on the Night Market (Pasar Malam) so sell their wares.

These poor people are suffering from the diesel limit imposed by the Govenment, as they have been queuing for ages to get their fuel

Ok, so I tried another Lipton, this time with Lemon flavour and yes, they hit the mark on this one as its quite nice, really. So, go out and get one.

I got caught by the fancy package. The can is transparent so you can be sure there are no fingers or other foreign object in your drinkie. This reminds me of TAB that I used to have when I was in UK, and by golly! I loved it, even though my friends said it tasted like something from the dentist

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