Honda Accord

I am not sure what's with Honda nowadays. Everyone I know is trying to get one. Maybe its the looks but then again, maybe its just the name.I just bumped into a friend of mine and he got a Honda Accord. Then when I came home, a relative came and showed us their brand new shiny Honda Accord. Never being a fan of Honda (except their 1997 Prelude), I just took some pictures to show I was interested in the car. No, I am not jealous but there is something in Honda that I hate but I can't pinpoint it.

Maybe its because of the Kah Motors Dealership with a lot of stuck up salespeople. Maybe its because someone (I read) equate it with Sony; nice looking products but they never last. I even argued (nicely) with an Uncle of mine to get a Toyota Vios instead of the butt-ugly Honda City. Honda won because of the funky gear feature thing.

Then again, its their choice, their money.

Anyway, here it is. Ho-hum

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