Guard House trick

I always hated it when the guards want to check on my car upon leaving the place. Its not so much of my opening the boot for them but on why they do it. You see, my car is full of stuff. From customer notes and floorplans, to cables, to loose items, to phone connectors, to toolboxes, to... well, you get the picture.

What I angers me was the way they examine each car. For you see, they did it because their Boss told them to. But they were not told why. So, at the end of the day, you have these dumbasses insisting on opening car boots and pretending to look for things that might resemble a nuclear bomb. (Yes, I have a Sony Sub-woofer that almost look like a bomb in there). Just as quickly as they open it, they slam it close, dissapointed because there were no dead bodies.

Most of the time, its like as if companies are paying these stupid Guards to peek into car boots, and try to damage them. Believe you me, I have so much stuff in there, even if I had stolen something, it does not even make a difference. (Unless I told them)

Anyway, I have a nice little piece of fibreglass bolted to my car boot and most of the times, stupid people (who do not drive cars), will think its part of the boot and therefore yank it open, breaking it. I will have to rush out of the car before that, which usually results in an ugly scene. It happened this afternoon and I really saw him doing it, so I had to yell at the top of my lungs to stop him from making me lose money for his stupidity.

There is one slight detail which not a lot of people know. The bolts which holds the fibre gets loose with time. But they did not realise this and when I showed them the "damage" they really freaked out because no one can pay me the RM450 for the damage. So, we negotiated down to RM100 and he began to look white in the face. Suffice to say, since the fibre did not break, I had my "fun" of making their hearts stop for a while.

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