Oh, right!

A conversation which I wished did take place:


#1: Hello, little girl. What's your name?
#2: Her name is Lil'lian
#1: Lillian?
#2: Yes, I named her because our surname is Lian
#1: I see. So, it would be embarassing if you start to call her Ah Lian?
#2: Yes, thats right. And we have a problem with her younger sister too
#1: Oh,why is that?
#2: Her name is Lian also
#1: So how did you solve this problem?
#2: Considering she is the youngest of the two, we call her Lil'Lian Two.

I wonder how this sounds if someone else can convert this to Hokkien, and other dialects


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Anonymous said...

1: harlow zhaboh ginna, lu kio ha mi mia?
2: ee eh mia kio lil'lian
1: lillian ah?
2: si lor, yin wei wa lang seh "lian"
1: oh, ah ni lu kio ee ah lian mah jin pai seh?
2: si lor, ee eh sio beh wa lang pun jin tao tia
1: chor mi leh?
2: ee pun si seh "lian"
1: ah ni kuan lu an jua zhor?
2: yin wei ee si teh di eh, wa lang kio ee lil'lian two