Vivian Chew

If I was Kenny Sia, I would be pissed too. If I was TV Smith, I would also be pissed too. Why?

The reason is simple. You do the work, using your own time and efforts and someone else just came is, saw what they liked, copied it and get all the glory. Souns familiar isn't it? This is called "Cut & Paste" or otherwise known as pliagarism, a bad side-effect of the Internet. But very common among Malaysians, from Reports to homework to TV ads. And today, on Newspapers.

Vivian Chew, somehow got Kenny Sia's Photo, removed his watermark and sent it to The Star where she won the RM50 prize for her efforts. If you go over to Kenny Sia's blog, you can compare the two photos that they are the same in the sense that the placement of the motorcycle, the leaf pattens on the bush and the white Proton Saga is the same. Only difference is that the "" watemark is cropped out. And as argued, the only possibility of how Vivian managed to take this shot is that she and Kenny Sia must be standing on the same spot, at the same time and day to take it.

The Star Page N34, 24th February, 2006

I wonder how The Star is going to handle this.

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