MacFarlane's Military Series 3

This is a toy figure from the famous MacFarlane (ex-Marvel Comic artist who made Spider-Man more famous in the late 90's). MacFarlane is famous for his Spawn toys and comics. But for the past two years, he has come out with the Military Series which is quite nice. Fortunately, not many people like to buy them and sometimes, you can find a few leftovers at Toys R Us if you do not have enough to pay for it at the normal "You have to buy in a set" comic shops. Very briefly put:

The label says its a Helicopter Crew Chief.
It sells for RM49.00 and it has two versions.
One is the African-American version.
The other is the normal Joe, who looked like Michael Jackson after heavy makeup

Stupid plastic pack which made a lot of noise.
Luckily, Kristine was sleeping or else..........

Shine some bulb and put a reflector, on him.
And now he looks like he's getting ready
for an early morning mission

Now he looks more like a store mannequin
I lost the other "map" piece for his left hand
while opening the stupid package
Yeah, the folder opens up so
you can keep the store's
price tag inside

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