The Doodling Tablet

I don't know what you call this, but this techonlogy came about in the late 70's. I was attracted to it but just for a while. What it does is that you use a pen with a magnet tip and draw over the screen. The magnet int he pen would attract the black tiny particles which then becomes your ink. Once you are finished with the tablet, you will move a lever from left to right to erase your image and you can start all over again.

So, it was just last weekend that my cousin came over and gave Kristine her very own tablet. It costs her less than RM100 and it was from Toys 'R' Us. However, I think I costs more because there is a special row of alphabets which when you press them, there is a voice pronouncing the alphabet. Press the blue tip on the left and it will spell something starting with the alphabet. Also, there were three stamps (Rabbit, Ship & Fish) for you to make your own shapes.

There you go, every kid must have had one at one time

And Kristine was kept occupied for quite sometime. Ha ha ha ha

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Blueyebabe said...

aiyoo.. come on, this thingy very cheap only ler, it cost less than RM30 if i'm not mistaken. Since Kristine like to draw and write so much, think this thingy shud be quite helpful to her. Next time can teach her ABC..

CFC said...

Ha ha ha ha. Dun le be like that.

You're welcome anytime, she likes you a lot la