Meeting up with an old Friend

While we're still in Mid-Valley, I saw the Toshiba booth set up by my ex-company. Of all the staff manning the booth, 99% were new faces except for ol' Kirby who just came back from leave and was shanghaied with booth duty. After some talk, I decided to walk about the booth a bit. Halfway reprogramming the PABX system (since no one was attending that segment) and I was about to re-initialise it, I heard a familiar voice calling out my name. Damn! Caught red-handed.

Anyway, it was my old friend, Jeff and his family, who were also walking about Mid-Valley. After my resignation, it was hard to get in touch with him. We would occasionally text each other, or just E-Mail, with the once in a blue moon phone call. It is weird because back in the old office days, I would just pick up the phone and intercom him.

Anyway, he looks a bit haggard and very much older but I guess this must be the cost of working in that company. Not that its torture but we're used to stress, I guess, and maybe, even liked it. It was fun meeting him face to face now because chance of this happening is quite rare. In fact, I can say, its an annual occurence. His (almost) two year old boy is quite cute too and his wife is a beautiful as always. Because both our wives were "busy" we had to cram years of absence to within a few minutes which is quite precious to us.

The news from the company was both delighting and some were dissapointing. For example, one of my ex-colleague was demoted back to a normal Sales Exec while a familiar ex-ex who went back is facing problems too, which I suspect was due to non-performance. I also got to play with the Toshiba e910 PDA phone and so one but thats about it. Still, its a great opportunity to see him.

And right after that, I got an SMS from Roy too, who was having dinner with Paul and mentioned that my name cropped up several times. Talk about a night of coincidences. Or maybe Fate has something in store for me in the near future?

The faces have been ironed out to protect the guilty

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