Being an IT dumbass

Our normal workhorse printer is on the blink and so, my Boss got me to search for a new printer before the new clerk comes in (she already came in by Wednesday.Last week.). The old printer was giving us problems as it needs to be reset (taking out the toner and pressing buttons) before it can spew out anything. So, after a long search, we got a HP.

And throughout the whole day, I was trying to install it into the network server. Being an IP Network challenged person that I am, I was pretty confident that the printer would not work as it should by the end of the day. How I hate it when I am right. Its days now and although the printer can print but when I bung it to the network printer server, it does nothing but wink its lights at me.

I got the printer connected to the PC direct but it would
not print. And I also used the cleaning utility but it still
would just take in the paper and churn out nothing. The
funny thing is that during the cleaning, it turns the paper
into this. Nice texture though

Finally, I pulled out the toner unit and discovered this..... aiyah!

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