And the Earth didn't even move ...

Remember the Earthing guy a week ago? Boss still was not pleased with the results. It felt as if we got a raw deal after "calculating" his raw material and other costs. But, "Take it as a lesson, OK?" I told Boss. Which is correct because after observing him, we now know how to do earthing as well, with the only difference that we cannot certify it but we can advise future customers and how to spot fake jobs.

Anyway, we managed to borrow his expensive RM1000.00 Earth meter so that we can test it for ourselves. This was because when we were not there, he claimed the reading he got was 8.8 ohm, which was between the 5 to 10 ohm claim for the obscene price he charges.

Following the instructions, I hammered the metal rods into the ground,
5 metres from each point. There are three points in total, all marked in
their respective coloured cables, with green being the point of interest.

Me: Hello. Wei, I got a 12.3 la.
EG: (Earth Guy) Really, ah? You must disconnect the earthing to the house and then take the reading directly from the spike itself.

Me: OK, now I got 101 ohm.
EG: Er, you sure? You must make sure its the rod you're taking readings from and its disconnected from the copper tape?
Me: Yes, yes, I am sure.
EG: OK, are you taking the reading from the spike that will connect the copper cable to the house?
Me: Yep.
EG: Aha! You must take the reading from the furthest away, OK?

After that, I decided to read the instructions again and still, I do not get the 8.8 ohms. But what I got was more than three times of that.

And after pouring some water on all three points, the reading went lower. But it was till not enough. So, I went to the "first" point as suggested just to humour him.

Me: OK, now I got a 186 ohms at this point.
EG: What? You sure or not?
Me: Yeah, hey, you want to come over to Seremban and check it yourself? Want or not, hah? Want or not?
EG: Let's concentrate on the readings again, OK, Boss, OK?

Me: OK. Now, I will go as you say.

Me: Niamah! Wei! The reading here is higher (33.9 Ohms) la, chau hai!
EG: Er, sure, ah?I definitely got a 8.8 Ohms the other day, you know.

After the phone conversation ended, I decided to pour water onto the spikes at each point and the reading went lower but not to the values we expected.

And so, to cool off, I poured myself a big bowl of tea and filled it with ice.
It was so hot from the flash, the moment I added the ice, they melted
very fast and slowly, my urge to strangle the Earth guy also melted away

Boss: You know, I think I am going to make him work harder for (our) money.
Me: Jolly good idea, Boss. Jolly good idea.

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