Being supportive

Whenever I asked people about their jobs, especially those who are in support teams, I have absolutely no idea what they do, apart from me cracking "support"-ing jokes. Still, today's job was no different than any other job except that I had to stay indoors at the customer's site the whole day.

It started last week when I asked the dealer if I was required to be there on Monday, which she replied that it was not necessary. But come Sunday evening, when my Phone rang, I knew what would happen the next day. And so, I chose to ignore that call anyway. And come Monday morning, as soon as I opened the office doors, Boss called in and told me to go back to that client.

And so, for the rest of the day, I sat there, next to the programmer, twiddling my thumbs. The problem was because the Call Centre solution which needs to integrate into a Panasonic PABX via an E1 tie, while controlling the call traffic between the Telekom's ISDN and Panasonic phones, something which no one has ever done it before. Luckily, a Panasonic expert came and showed us how it was done and the punch-line?

The Customer was NOT having a launching in the afternoon. They were NOT even due to launch until two week's time. And I was there because the Panasonic expert was in Melaka (who also rushed back by evening to help us). Never have I felt so bored, caged, used and stupid in one day.

Three Notebooks in one sitting and no one realised
one of the cables used were of wrong polarity. But
the Panasonic guy said I was damn lucky the whole
thing worked when it should not be in the first place.
So, yeah, I agreed with him that there was someone
watching over me.

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