Christmas Dinner

I just found out that it is not easy for me to just curl up and die in this house without someone barging in halfway. With the Wife and kids staying the night at 6th SIL's house, I thought I could just weather my cold/flu/asthma in the room alone.

But no. Just as I was about to surf for some por..... er, Internet, my Brother knocked to deliver my share of the pizza. After thanking him and continued onwards to, Internet, my Mom came in and shoved me a cup of Ice Cold Coca Cola. You would think I would be very pissed off by now and lock the door, right? I am so sick, I can't even push the lock without injuring more parts of my body. I mean, I just don't understand how hard it is to lock a door with the ball of a foot while holding the pizza and the cup of Coke.

So, here I am, sitting and wheezing, waiting for the third knock (usually come in threes) which never came. Which spoilt my whole evening because to tell you the truth, I am extremely hungry and I do not want to be caught squatting and eating the darn thing like a starved prisoner who has never seen processed food.

Argh. To heck with it. nyam... nyam... nyam...

Canadian Pizza 2for1. Much better than Pizza Hut.
Trust me. Oh, I just love their small packs of chilies.


Blueyebabe said...

aiya, shud call me mah. I bring u out for movie & nice meal, then u can get well faster~

CFC said...

Oh, did I mention I am still sick?

*cough* *cough*