My new soldering jig

OK, so soldering the huge amount of PCBs is starting to get to me. And its not easy with all the components dropping off to the table or floor. So, I made a soldering jig myself to stop all these nonsense and also, to help speed up the process. Still, after soldering so much, I think I am ready to ask those guys to do it all for me. Want to know why?

Apart from getting tired eyes, the solder lead is yes, as the name implies, has lead and without a proper solder exhaust fan, I've been breathing them for hours. This is why I have a headache after each soldering session. And to so a simple exhaust fan it going to take about RM200.00 or so. Sigh.

Yes, I finally gave in and bought the RM29.00
helping hand tool last week. But I am not using
the whole tool, that is why I kept the magnifying
glass away.

Its a very simple construction. You just put your
populated PCB (component side) onto a sponge,
then use rubber bands to secure it to a board.
Turn it upside down and the sponge will keep
the components in place. Now you can solder
in peace without worrying about missing stuff.

See? All the components are lined up perfectly.

Unfortunately, after a few boards, the sponge sort
of got melted or something because some of the
components came loose and I had to re-adjust
them back and resolder them.

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