The problem with the Weather

Today is Sunday and as usual, I get to sleep late. Normally, I would get up early and do some of my stuff since everyone was still sleeping. But today, I really want to sleep late. Not because I went to bed at three in the morning but with the Gout and all, I want to have as much rest as I can. And so, when I woke up, everyone was already up. And so, with a few lazy stretches, I dug my nose and ........


Seems like I had nosebleed while I was sleeping! While brushing my teeth, I snorted all the remaining gunk in my nose and cleared them through my throat and there it was, more semi-dried blood mixed with phlegm.

Later on, my Wife calmed me down a bit because she reasoned, yesterday was reasonably hot and so, my body has a lot of 'yit hei' which led to the nosebleed. I was skeptical because all I ever did yesterday was to sit on the table and sweat my fat juice out. And drinking water. And sweating. And hopping. And sweating. And....... well, you get the idea.

However, there is another theory. In many instances, men tend to nosebleed after seeing a naked girl. You can see this in most Health Documentaries called movies and graphical facts called comics. So, this means, I was dreaming of a naked girl. But then, you have to remember this fact as well: People do dream when they sleep but most of the dreams would be forgotten when they wake up.


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