Tamiya 1/350 Scale Crew Set

I had to get this from the Internet a few weeks ago. The Tamiya Underground at 1-Utama did not have them. And no one can specifically tell me if they're are going to order it or re-stock them. They're more interested in sitting at the counter, talking and fixing their RC cars.

And so, after some two weeks, it came. Luckily, I ordered two sets and they arrived safe and sound.

The package from Hong Kong was very secure

Each pack has 144 crew (but in 6 poses). By ordering
two, I now have 288 crews. But I am not going to put
all 500 crews in there. Just a few, next to the windows
and the botanic garden in the 1-metre long 1/350 Polar
Lights Star
Trek Enterprise NCC-1701A model kit.

At 1/350 scale, these little men of plastic were about
5mm tall. I could order the same 1/350 in etched
metal but I do not have confidence nor the tools to
handle them. Anyway, you have to use paint to make
them look more 3-Dimensional. If you want to, that is

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