My stinky Shaver

It just happened today when it was time to shave. Actually, I was supposed to shave yesterday morning. Not only that, I was late for work because I could not find my shaver. And so, after much searching, my Wife told me to look on one spot, where I would never have guessed: The Dustbin.

And she was right. Because, it was there and chances are, it has something to do with one of the girls where, when they jostle each other in the bathroom, somehow the shaver was knocked into the dustbin.

Anyway, I am glad to find it and so, started my shaving. The funny thing was, it stinks. Usually, when I shave, a small draft would waft through the bathroom and this also carried the smell of the shaver. But today, instead of the normal smell, it just stinks. And its not the usual cut wet-beard-smell. Its even worse. Think of the cut wet beard smell which is ten times worse, almost to the point of being rotten, I mean, if hair can be rotten, that is.

So, I opened up the shaver.....

Whoa! Maggots in the shaver! I counted about
5 in there, each with different sizes. Normally,
this is the amount of beard that I should be
clearing it out but I forgot. The hair is wet.

And it stinks. Here, I can see two wriggling in
and out of the hair. Strange that this part of
the shaver is wet.

And guess where I found the shaver?

Unfortunately, this is not a good thing since I
have shaved halfway. So, I have to do what I
have to do...... clean it.

A few maggots can be seen on the basin along
with the loosened wet clumps of hair.

Yep, there is a lot of hair and grime
in the shaver part.

Oh, OK, so I used it to trim my
side burns too, instead of the
trimmer blades. Satisfied?

Opening up the main unit, there is a lot of hair inside.
This is because sometimes the cut hair is small, it just
goes in there through the motor pillars.

And yes, this is a rechargeable NiCd battery, which
not only have memory problems but this is the one
which gives a lot of Amps in the whole rechargeable
series. Looking at it, if my shaver can survive the
spare parts problem, I might have to change the
battery myself later on.

Yep, signs of wetness here. And I only shave every
two days. Because its Friday,
and my last shave was
last Wednesday, which
means, somewhere in between,
the shaver fell in
to the dustbin. And since the dustbin is
not wet (yes, I used my hands to feel.). Chances are,

someone wet it on Tuesday and its been rotting
since then. Euuuu.........

Casualties? Apart from my half shaved face, the
blade here is bent out of shape, you can't see it
here but when I put it into the shaver, it got
stuck. Even the cover is bent slightly. So, a three
foot drop is dangerous for this shaver.

What next? If I can find a replacement blade, all is fine. If not, then I might have to get a new shaver. Haih. Right now, when I shave, i just have to remember which side of the shaver has the blade and which don't.

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