Temporary gone....

"Today is 1st of May. So, why don't you find out the details before you go down to Pasar Road?"

Wow. This morning, my wife actually encouraged me to surf the Internet. And so, I did.....

Only to find out that the moment I turned on
my Notebook, it frozed when updating some-
thing Java. So, I took it offline, removed the
batteries and everything to let it start up with
a barebone setup..... and nothing.

And so, panic set in and I quickly removed the
hard disk and temporarily slot it into the USB
PHDD casing to extract and backup all the most
valuable porno...... er, working projects and data.

Damn. My Notebook's gone. So after more than 9 solid 16x7x365 years, its now about time to give up. I know I could take it to my friends to get it fixed once more but I know and they know that there is only so much they can do and besides, there is a finite amount of spares there. And so, Ladies and Gentlemen, in the meantime, I have to stop all this blogging and what nots for a while until I can find a better solution, with getting a new Notebook as a last resort.

In the meantime, if you need ASAP communication, just SMS me will do. Even a snail mail would be faster as well. Here's the address:

Room #5, 2½ th Floor,
Jalan Bukit Batok
Bukit Belimbing
10340 Jamban


weezy said...

your address is wrong.

shud be:

bed 5, room 201,
hospital bahagia,
tanjung rambutan.

CFC said...

Heeyyy....... you're not supposed to tell everyone about my secret Bengmobile cave.

Now I have to make another one......

Peter said...

Go check out Harvey Norman. I hear they're having some serious price reductions on Notebooks!