Going to Mid-Valley

So, I rushed back after the accident and not wanting to spoil the mood for everyone, I kept the news from my Wife until after the shopping trip. We needed to go to Mid-Valley because there were some last minute shopping to do for the girl's up coming School Concert.

Because Deepavali was around the corner, the
beautiful Kolams were everywhere.

Like ants to sugar, so were clumsy fools to Kolams

One of the nice things was that we had dinner
at Pizza Hut and well, I am starting to like the

Later, my Wife lamented that things like this always happens when she calls me to go home as soon as possible. The problem came the next day: Because my Bengmobile is about to celebrate its 14th Birthday, the Insurance Agent advised me to just take the money from the Chinese and repair it myself instead of lodging the Police report. This was because I had a very nice NCB and also, if I did claim it, I would still get the money but I would be 'blacklisted' by a lot of Insurance companies. This would mean a very difficult situation when i want to renew the car's insurance in the coming year.

Sigh. With my current financial situation, this is going to be very difficult and we still need about a year more to clear some things.

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