Star wars figures on the cheap

After the meeting with a customer, it was time for me to go back. But not until I have visited the nearby Toys r Us. Don't ask me why but its just... there.

What I noticed was that there were some
RM39.90 figures going cheap. And when
I meant cheap, it was RM20.00 cheap.
Unfortunately, this one was not cheap
and its no use swapping the price tag
because the counter guys would know

And so, let's have a look on which figure
I am going to get. This one looks promising
because I can use her robe for something
else. What for, I am not sure yet.

This is Stass Allie and she looks very nice

Unfortunately, in the box, she looked like as if
she had a bad case of fungus.

There was another figure which I was interested
in but it was not displayed anywhere in the store.
This si Luke Skywalker in his Snowspeeder pilot
oufit. What got me was his removeable helmet.

So, which one dud I buy? Heh. wait for part two.

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