The wrong custard apple

Something is definitely wrong with me because whenever I buy non-electronic or gadget things now, without my Wife, I am usually lost. Lost as in buying the wrong things. Take today's case of buying a custard apple.

The sugar apple is nothing like any ordinary apple
you see. It has a very lumpy skin and inside, it has
a lot of big black seeds embedded in the sweet
custard like flesh. My Mom used to plant this and
I loved eating it. Despite its lumpy armored looking
skin, it is actually very soft and fragile. And so, when
I opened it, this one looked very different.

"That's because its a soursop", said Wife.
Too late now, since its cut open. So we have to eat it.

And everyone is so happy eating it. Yeah.

Kristine loves hers

And so did Kaelynn. Now I know why its called
soursop because of the sour faces. Ha ha ha ha!

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