Freezer Satay

Freezer food or TV Dinners are the staple of working individuals decades ago. Also, its the best source of much nutrition for growing potato couches. Not only that, coupled with a microwave oven, its the best solution ever. Look at it this way, if you don't have a girlfriend or a wife and the nearest Clownhouse is 200 metres away, just pop this into the microwave and a few minutes later, you're done.

Alas, we have to wake up to reality as this is not America and busy individuals here do not or have not even heard of TV Dinners, let alone succumb to the notion of eating packed lunches or sushi at their work desk. To us, its akin to sacrificing our lunch hour for the sake of more work. Which, to many, is sacrilege.

Our family has bought some freezer food and
this time, its satay. Normally, with satay, you
need an open fire but here, an oven will do.
Unfortunately, it comes out very dry.

Erm, I am not sure how the ketupat was made but
it looked more like compressed 'normal' rice.

And so, with some sardines,
its time to make the best of it.

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