Just for this Saturday, I decided to take the girls out for a while since there is nothing much to do after dropping Wife off at her office...

First stop was my old school's classroom where a
lot has changed since. I think the only original item
left in there was the concept and the window sills.

Then a stop by at my office where they get
to drink some tablet vitamin C

There were so amazed at it, I had to get some
extra ones for them.

Then its lunch across the office where, they
had Kolo Mee and some Char Kuey Teow.

Honestly, the Kuey Teow tasted better than the
Uncle's wit his deep fried prawns.

Halfway through, they shared each other's dishes
while I had the popiah which no one wanted.

After that it was to Seksyen 14, PJ after I had
picked Mommy up. Again, after watching her
eat her lunch...

You can guess what happens next...

Yes, its another round of Char Kuey Teow...
They must be hungry as I did not need to do
my DBKL functions today.

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