Vee-Chai's Radio Amnesia

I am not sure what is the problem but after reporting this to the service center, the problem wasn't that severe anymore. But it still happens. You could turn the engine off, leave the car for a few hours and then you know that the radio has reset. Or, it could happen just as soon as you turn the engine off and then again.

Everytime it happens, the memory for the radio station disappears, the last track for the MP3 USB player is 'forgotten' and worse of all, apart from the clock, would be the system settings such as music quality, CallerID scrolling, auto-answer, etc.

Sometimes its annoying as Hell and sometimes, its worse than that. When this happens, I would need to set the radio all over again. And this is also dangerous since I have a habit of doing this while on the road...

Luckily, I only listen to 92.9, 94.5 and 101.8, with
the occasional 95.3. Its just too bad I cannot have
Internet radio while on the go...

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