Farewell to... a house

Today is the last day we will ever visit this house. I kind of miss these type of houses because there were some memories. The first was that one of them belonged to my tuition teacher, Mr. Foo, whom, I think was from some Army. The last I saw him was a decade ago, where he was taking his grandson swimming on the nearby public swimming pool. His rebellious daughter was a real look at that time. But all I could remember was his garden which he also caught snails for cooking, his stacks of comics by the door which I went through while waiting for Dad to pick me up and the toilet. Yep, I always 'hide' in there when the Maths were too tough.

The second was it belonged to an ex-friend whom I unfriended last year when he could not control himself when I made a joke about Barenaked Ladies. So, fuck him.

But the third was the most pleasant as it made us feel very comfortable. Sadly, like all good things, it has come to an end. And so, today, we helped in the process and well, I just breathed in the atmosphere for the last time...

Kaelynn with a book she found

I liked this split level lounge but sometimes, have this fear that the girls will forget about the edge, run over and fall off and hit the furniture.

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