Moebius 1/32 Cylon Raider Part 002

So, how?
With my Mom in the Hospital, I guess the only thinkg I can do now is to just make sure the Family is OK. And this project, I guess, could be the way to my freedom. So far, I have examined the Model Kit and but the looks of it, lighting is possible. Not only that, if I do this carefully, there would be no cutting or any plastic deformation if i can help it. My hopes with this Kit is to help generate some in come for the months to come.

But its also a challenge I could not resist.

I have temporarily set up my R&D 'base' on this table

Looking at the Model part, there is no way a 3mm LED would fit

And looking at the kit's visor, the only choice would be to use SMD LEDs.

I am planning to use the 0805 LED, which is thick enough for a PCB so I can solder it sideways on the board's edge

Time to dig out my old Notebook because I would need it for programming the chip

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